Hi, I am Kacie Q.

A Montana girl and full time photographer for nearly a decade. From weddings along the base of mountains to the white sand beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast, I've spent a great deal of my adulthood photographing weddings and the love that surrounds them. Inspired by a classic/timeless approach, film and fashion, with a blend of emotions, I'm always honored when I'm hired to shoot a wedding day.

A dog mom, fitness addict, nutrition nut, country music fan and lover of the mountains and the beach, I truly love what I get to do in this life and the people I get to meet.

Photo by: Brett Birdsong Photography

Love Notes

Love Notes

“I don’t know where to begin when writing this review for Kacie. Her talent is truly amazing. Her ability to capture moments and the raw emotions within them is just stunning. You can see and feel the love and joy in every photo captured in a way we didn’t think was possible. Our wedding day was very emotional, and when we got our pictures back, we felt transported back to that day and felt everything all over again! The ability to evoke that kind of emotional response through photos is truly special.”